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He’s phenomenal. His captures are stunning. An eye for true artistry.

Kristina Rene

Graydon’s art captures the mystery and magic in nature. It draws you into the location, from experiencing the raw, rugged environment viewing the lighthouse on the bluffs of Iceland to enjoying the inviting, meditative walk along The Path. I have them hung where I can enjoy their beauty every day.

Jackie Moore
Graydon is super easy to work with, and does a fantastic job at capturing the magic of a moment, whether on the ground with his camera or in the air with his drone! I’ve worked with him several times, and he has always produced a quality product!
Joel Creates

Graydon shoots some amazing shots and is very easy to work with as well has years of experience and is very talented.

Will Hibbits
Music Artist



Digital Creator

Graydon Schwartz, owner of Graydon Schwartz | Aerial & Landscape Photography from the greater Madison area in Wisconsin, travels and photographs many beautiful locations with his drone. Some of the places he has traveled to include Australia, Iceland, Canada, and various parts of the United States.